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Passing on the Passion

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A little more than a year into this 30 team project with my son has been quite an adventure.  What started out to be let’s try to contact them has now turned into way more.  I started this with him to give him an obtainable goal, quite a large one you might say but none the less obtainable.  Weeks gone by and we we`re slowly getting responses from various teams mostly negative answers at first.

Perseverance is key.  Being behind him during this process the main ingredient I wanted him to take out of this whole project was perseverance.  I realize that in school it’s not always clear why such and such lessons will pay off in the long run but, I wanted this to be for him as proof that if you set yourself a goal and stick to it, work at it and persevere, results will happen.

To reach out to NHL teams was audacious to say the least.  By doing so I wanted him to share my passion of the game and be able to appreciate players from any team or any league for that matter.  We have the luck of living close enough to Montreal to appreciate the Montreal Canadiens on a regular basis and even greater luck of living minutes away from the home of the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada from the LHJMQ which we try to go see on a regular basis.

One year has gone by now and Zak has only 2 teams yet to respond to his project.  He has gone from liking hockey to enjoying it and being able to understand all that goes into the game.  Last fall, he asked us to try city hockey and this has been absolutely great.  He barely knew out to skate never mind skate, carry a puck, open his eyes to spot teammates and shot to score.  And he’s completely able to do this now.  What did he do, persevered, worked hard and had fun in the process.

So am I a happy father for having taken this challenge on with him.  You bet ya.

I must send a heartfelt thanks to all the teams who have responded to Zak throughout his project.  Many of the accompanying letters have been quite moving and I personally wish to thank you.

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